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If this is your first time visiting our website, WELCOME! Take a look around, and see if the vision and our mission resonate with you. We are looking for support from like minded individuals. To find out how you can get involved and be a part of the change we want to see in the world, please contact us here.

Natural Living Developments

In the world we find ourselves in, people are looking for a new way of living. As a leader in the natural living and natural building community, we have noticed a movement towards a regenerative way of living. We believe that Natural Living Developments can fill a demand that has not yet been realized for people interested in living in a non-toxic home made from natural materials, in a mindful community, in unique locations, rich in culture and outdoor activities.

This movement is also pushing towards living within a resilient microeconomic system that is locally based and less dependent on national and global economic systems. In other words, people want to be close to their food and water sources, in small towns with close-knit communities offering a full range of services.  Economic sustainability is based on the goods and services produced in that bio-region, with reduced dependence on state, federal, or global economic support.

Our goal is to show the world an alternative to conventional real estate developments by building multifamily complex’s that features natural building techniques, healthy non-toxic finishes, water permeable parking lot, outdoor kitchen and communal spaces, permaculture gardens, and supporting local wood mills, sawyers, builders, artisans, and natural builders.  All while educating the community on the benefits of natural building, and teaching natural building methods, to inspire other developers who also wish to create natural living developments in their area.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email pablo@naturallivingdevelopments

Our Mission is to build natural, sustainable, nontoxic multifamily homes, with permaculture gardens that bring families and communities together. Our buildings will be constructed using a combination of conventional and natural building techniques, with a focus on natural building materials like: Locally sourced wood, clay, sand, stone, and straw from the land or within 50 miles from the development. It is our goal to deliver a triple bottom line to our investors with social, environmental, and financial returns. The Natural Living Development Company is currently in process of raising seed capital to fund: Key development hires, legal fees, 3rd party regulation crowdfunding portal fees, and initial operating expenses- rent, equipment, payroll, insurance, marketing, research.